maybe if i make more jokes about it it’ll sTOP HURTING

the madoka wish scale as arranged by selflessness



maybe if i make more jokes about it it’ll sTOP HURTING

the madoka wish scale as arranged by selflessness

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I want to talk to you but my face

I think you just summarized Phantom of the Opera.

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i think my saddest moment as an Australian was finding out that the rest of the world doesn’t say “never eat soggy weetbix” to figure out the order of the compass

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Rule 1: Always post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones (scroll to the bottom for those)
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post Rule
4: Actually tell them you tagged them 11 questions
Heeeey I’m a horrible procrastinator, many questions below the cut!

[[MORE]] HungryHippo11’s questions

1. What’s your favourite drink?
Lemon, LIme & Bitters

2. If you had to go and live on a desert island, which 5 albums would you take with you?
Abba - Greatest Hits Album
Fleetwood Mac - The very best of
Miranda Lambert - Four the Record
Luke Bryan - Tailgates & Tanlines
Blake Shelton - Based on a True Story

3. Main highlight of your week?
Moving into my new apartment with my boyfriend!!!

4. Made any resolutions/goals for 2014?
Hopefully speak Spanish fluently by the end of 2014

5. Your favourite toy as a child?
Polly pocket

6. If you could have an all expenses paid trip, where would you go?
Africa (all the countries in Africa)

7. What’s your star sign?
Virgo - I’m very typical too.

8. What originally led you to using tumblr?
HAHA I love that Veradune who tagged me in this answered me in this spot!!! My answer is, I love the internet, and it progressed from there.

9. Do you know more than one language?
Yes, Spanish :)

10. Who are the 3 most important people in your life atm?
Ben (boyfriend), Mum and Dad

11. What would be your dream job?
CEO of a social enterprise

—- Dreamingtheater’s questions
1.) Have you ever taken karate lessons?

2.) How many oceans have you swam in?
3 oceans - am I supposed to include seas?

3.) What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?
Art Attack, Little Rascals, H.R. Puffinstuff, Agros Cartoon Connection and Powerangers

4.) Is anyone in your family in the army?

5.) How many countries have you been to?

6.) How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
I have no idea, maybe 25?
7.) What’s the last compliment you got?
I was told that I sound very professional on the phone.

8.) Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs?
Rural ideally.

9.) If you have a nickname, what is it?
Han or Hanny, I have also been known as Hurricane Hana

10.) What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
Harry? Or Matthew since that’s what my brother popped out as.

—- Cylune’s questions
01. In what area of your life are you immature?
I hate bed times, only ever want to eat toast and love childrens books a little too much.

02. What’s the craziest thing you did?
Traveling to the depths of the Amazon jungle in Peru for a month without hot water or electricity or anything else really. Was also the best thing.

03. What do you consider unforgivable?

04. What do you think about more than anything else?
I am constantly creating an action plan for the zombie apocalypse. I have it all worked out.

05. Favorite fictional character ever?
Damon Salvatore, He is my one true love.

06. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Middle if I can be. I swing both ways?

07. If you could chose to be the best in the world at something, what would it be?
I would choose singing, because I love to sing but I unfortunately make babies cry when I do.

08. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
Singing loudly to country music in my car.

09. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?
Cordelia or Aurora or Anabella or something really princess sounding.

10. When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits?
Haha… no idea. When I attempted to pull a crate of my clothes up 3 flights of stairs? (I made it up one flight).

11. What makes you happy?
When my plans work out.

—- Decayedress’ questions
1) If you could cut your hair any way you want, what haircut would you get?
I wouldn’t, I want SUPER long ,butt length hair.

2) Do you have any idea in what direction your life should go? Do you have any specific plans or will you just see what the future brings?
My life has been planned out perfectly for years. I’m a planner, and always have a to do list (daily/monthly/weekly/annually and long term).

3) Anything special planned for the next week?
I need to connect my gas and electricity, sort out Wifi and of course christen every room in our new apartment (REOW)

4) Since it is Christmas soon, do you buy your friends anything? Or do you make something yourself? Or do they get nothing except for your undying love?
I make things. Mainly harry potter scarves or really fattening candy.

5) Favorite fruit/vegetable?

6) Do you keep a diary?
I always keep a travel diary.

7) Subject you dislike(d) the most in school? Why?
Maths - self explanatory

8) What’s your favorite book?
The Chronicles of Narnia or All of Harry Potter or Vampire Academy or Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles. TOO MANY

9) Are you very orderly or is your place very chaotic?

10) Do you sometimes dance at night in your dark room?

11) Favorite animated series and/or movie? (cartoon, anime,…)
All of Disney. (Mainly Aladin and the Little Mermaid.

———— Veradunes Questions
1. Hi! How are you today?
I’m pretty tired, and I should be sleeping. Apart from that, GOOD!

2. What is your best memory from 2013? What are you looking forward to in 2014?
All of my travel experiences, but Louisiana stood out as being the best - especially the ghostly encounters that I experienced but I won’t go into that here. In 2014 I am looking forward to being a real adult with a job and a house etc.

3. Describe your oldest friend in one sentence
Crazy, full of life and gossip.

4. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
Get my life sorted out. Lose weight. Don’t start smoking again.

5. What fictional character would you say you are most like?
A mixture between Hermione Granger and Rose Hathaway.

6. What was your first fandom?
Harry Potter

7. Are you obsessed with any songs right now?
Unfortunately that horrible hips swing one, it’s just so catchy!

8. Do you believe in an afterlife?

9. What’s the weirdest stage you went through as a teenager?
I went through a phase where I wore pants under skirts and dresses. But they were always weird patterns and fabrics and shapes and I would team them with a bucket hat or a visor. It was an awkward time in my life.

10. Do you like where you’re living right now?

11. If you could have any mythical creature as a pet what would you pick?
A Thestral.

—- New Questions! (for the ppl I’m tagging)
1. How many times have you moved house?
2. Describe your ideal house to me.
3. Your opinion on venetian blinds?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. Referencing your favorite tv series; Do you prefer to watch an episode per week or a season per day?
6. What Hogwarts house would you be in?
7. Ideal childrens names (one boy, one girl).
8. How would you cope without electricity for one month?
9. Have you ever eaten an entire tub of ice cream?
10. Worst guilty pleasure?
11. Most awkward clothing choice you’ve ever made?

Have fun!!

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veradune asked: It would seem that we are never online at the same time :C *shakes fist at timezones* How's it going? I'm still in Banff and spending far too much time on Tumblr and/or drawing (feeling very inspired though, yay!)

I can’t remember if I replied to this or not? Gahhh life has been SO hectic! So yes, timezones SUCK because I miss you and want to catch you online at some point please :) how is your drawing going? Anything you’re super happy with and can show me? :P I guess winter must be drawing to a close in Banff, I miss the snow so much.
News with me: Ben and I moved into our very own apartment this weekend! We’re in a beautiful inner city apartment and it’s very exciting! I’m going to hopefully start my own bookclub in the area now (but nothing could replace the BBC) I’ve also started a new job (week 4 now) and I love it so much. It’s perfect for me! Just such a good fit, great career move. I’m a Building Coordinator for one of the biggest home builders in my state.
How is the library? How are the girls? What’s book club like these days? xxx miss you!

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to let you know that your hair looks absolutely stunning!

Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you :)

Of course anyone who truly loves books buys more of them than he or she can hope to read in one fleeting lifetime. A good book, resting unopened in its slot on a shelf, full of majestic potentiality, is the most comforting sort of intellectual wallpaper.
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"And everybody would think before shootin’ somebody if bullets cost $5000!… They be like: "Man, I’d blow yo’ fuckin’ head off… IF I could afford it!"

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punks not dead

Heosemys spinosa is an endangered species. 

punks almost dead




punks not dead

Heosemys spinosa is an endangered species.

punks almost dead

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what do you call this color gradient?


black to the fuchsia

oh my god

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